Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy by Julie Levesque

The video discusses modern ways to create a learning environment for students in classroom

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

The video talks about why teaching philosophy statement is important?

What makes a good teacher great?

Azul Terronez, a teacher with 24 years experience talk about great qualities of a teacher

Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students

The video tells how factors like communication and creativity change a classroom

Teaching Philosophy

4 star

An animated video on teaching philosophy in 3 minutes

Writing Your Teaching Philosophy

4 star

The video contains tips and suggestions for writing your teaching philosophy

Teaching Children Philosophy

3 star

Children are excellent philosophers because they haven't yet set limits to reality....

A Valuable Lesson For A Happier Life

4 star

This is by far one of the most valuable lessons for a happier life.

How to Improve Your Teaching-Philosophy State

3 star

Writing a teaching philosophy can be a daunting task!!

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