Class 10

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NCERT Chapter 1: Rise of Nationalism in Europ


French Revolution,Fall of Napolean,Unification of Germany,Italy Developments in Balkan

NCERT Chap 2:Indo-China Nationalist Movement

4 star

Fight against colonisation in the Indo-China region of Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos in 1880s

NCERT Chapter 3: Nationalism in India


Beginning of India's nationalism through Satyagraha,Non Cooperation,Khilafat.Impact of WWI

NCERT Chapter 4: The Making of a Global World


Conquest, Diseases, Rinderpest, Industrialization, Refrigerated Ships

NCERT Chapter 5: The Age of Industrialization


Coming of factories,places of industrialization,life of workers,Indian entrepreneurs

NCERT Chapter 6: Work, Life and Leisure

4 star

Rise of industrial capitalism, colonial rule and development of democratic ideals

NCERT Chapter 7: Print Culture & Modern World


Spread of print culture,origin in China,spread by Marco Polo,Guttenburg's printing press

NCERT Chapter 8: Novels, Society and History


Spread of novels,Charles Dickens,Oliver Twist,Rabindranath Tagore,Novels in world & India

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