Organic Chemistry

Featured Courses

Organic Chemistry Explained


A guide to high school organic chemistry, filled with understandable information

Organic Chemistry Basic to advance


The video teaches about all the elements of organic chemistry

Carbon Hybridization

4 star

This organic chemistry lesson includes learning to determine the hybridization of a carbon

Introduction to Organic Chemistry


Learn about the basics of Organic Compounds, Homologous Series and Functional Groups

Diels-Alder reaction


Learn how to draw the products for a Diels-Alder reaction

Alkenes & Alkynes - Crash Course

4 star

Learn Alkenes & Alkynes,their structures & how to remember them by simply knowing alphabet

Basics of stereochemistry


This video explains the basics of stereochemistry

Super Trick for Substitution v/s Elimination


The concept of substitution and elimination is explained in the video

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