Physical Geography

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7 Continents' Interesting Facts for Kids


Know all important and amazing facts about the 7 continents in this animation video

All about volcanoes for children


Learn how volcanoes form,their types & structures,what types of lava and rock they produce

Crash Course on Physical Geography

4 star

The video teaches you important topics in Physical Geography to be covered for UPSC

Top 10 Rivers of India


Learn about the longest rivers in India along with their origin and end

What is an Earthquake?- Facts and Information


This animated video tells about what causes earthquakes and where do they happen

How tsunamis work


The animation video shows the causes and effects of tsunami

3 Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle


This video talks about the major three types of rock and how they are formed with examples

How Mountains are Made

4 star

Learn how mountains are formed due to the tectonic plates over millions of years

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