School Learning Resources is a one stop open source learning platform for every student and teacher to know about handpicked and interesting topics that would help them in their academic life and career. It has audio visual and written content on various subjects ranging from future of global industries, innovative and new methods of teaching and skills worth learning to book recommendations, motivation sessions and content that you will take you miles closer to becoming an achiever from a dreamer.
The selection of the content by hundreds of faculties and students and it's assessment by a team of experts ensures that you get the best resources which saves you days and months of online browsing. Moroever this content is updated daily and as a user of this platform you can always contribute your own videos, blogs and recommendations on various subjects for the benefit of other students and teachers.


It is designed with the objective to create a pool of resources primarily contributed by those passionate about education.

Guidebook For The Users

School Learning Resources has two broad divisions - 'For Student' and 'For Teacher'. Users or contributors can browse the portal as per their requirement.

The 'For Student' section aims to cover major portion of the school curriculum.

'For Teacher' section consists of teaching methodologies, philosophy and more. For browsing the portal or contribute in either of the sections, follow our step by step guide here


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